Alive and Kickin'

Biography :

In 1997, from the ashes of their previous band, Nico (drums) and Matt (vocals, bass) formed a new one, reenergize by young american combos such as Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Sons of Otis or Karma to Burn.

A couple of months later the line up is definitely complete with the addition of Esteban on guitar and the trio decide to call themselves Low Vibes, a moniker that represent what the group is about.
Described by the press as a Heavy Psychedelic Groove Rock band, the tag seems to fit quite well their music.

During a couple of years the band will record a bunch of EP, a split album with fellow Parisian doom band Space Patrol on Water Dragons records, get rave reviews on the international stoner rock scene with their EP "Psychic Travel", be included on compilations along great bands such as Awesome Machine, Abdullah, Zerocharisma, Lowrider, Mr Plow, The Satellite Circle, Honcho or Atomic Bitchwax.

Low Vibes have recorded their first album twice, both versions remaining unreleased so far before the band entered a long term hiatus.

Smacked!  a tribute to Ilari "Claude" Peltola

Line up

Matt : Vocals, Bass
Esteban : Guitars
Nico : Drums

Time Capsule
Low Vibes "Psychic Travel"
V/A "Rock is Alive and Well vol.1"
Medicine Ball Caravan "Keep Goin' Til the Next Stop"
Medicine Ball Caravan "Crossing the Seas ...Spreading the Sins"
Hired Guns "The Smacked Sesion"
Low Vibes