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Medicine Ball Caravan - Keep Goin' Til the Next Stop

Description :

6 years after Medicine Ball Caravan’s split their unreleased 2nd album ‘Keep Goin’ Til the Next Stop’ is finally
available via Alive and Kickin’.

Recorded in June 2009 in Paris, FRANCE before that Jay, (drums) went back to the USA and despite the fact that Matt (vocals, bass) and Rod (guitar) keep going with the band, they ultimately call it quits several months later leaving the album unfinished. But recently Matt decided to complete it with the help of a few friends performing harp, keyboards and percussion on several songs. One of these guest musicians, Danny Fury, is well known by the Rock music lovers since he’s a former member of The Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain and currently playing in Tango Pirates.
The album is featuring 8 songs, including 7 originals and live gigs favorites and a cover of Betty Davis classic ‘If I’m in Luck I Might Get Picked Up’.
True to their influences and their love of the 70s hard rock, the band is delivering the goods with this solid and diverse posthumous record.

Formed in Paris, FRANCE in 2007, Medicine Ball Caravan have released their first album ‘Crossing the Seas ...
Spreading the Sins
’ in 2008 on Longfellow Deeds records (Thunder Express, Paperback Freud, Dollhouse,
Rite, Honcho, Baby Woodrose...). Also available for the first time in Digital format via Alive and Kickin'

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1
Rock is Alive and Well vol.2

1. In Limbo

2. Through the Dead Man's Eyes

3. If I'm in Luck I might Get Picked Up (Betty Davis cover)

4. Unleash the Dog

5. Will You Be There

6. Back Again

7. Girl

8. On the Road

Rock is Alive and Well vol.2

Release date : June 7, 2016
Format : Digital
Genre : 70s Hard Rock N Roll
Catalogue number : AaK1
Available on : CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Apple music, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, Googleplay, Tidal, 8 tracks, IHeart radio, 24/7 Tradebit, Groove, Mix radio, Medianet, EMusic, 7digital, and Greatindiemusic

Rock is Alive and Well vol.2

Veglam review (Laurent C., June 09, 2016)

This second album is out 6 years after the band’ split! Singer Matt decided it would be a pity not to release these 8 songs, and had a few guests to help him and make it happen, including drummer Danny Fury (The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH, KILL CITY DRAGONS, VAIN, TANGO PIRATES…)
MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN is mostly influenced by 70s rock (“If I’m Lucky, I might Get Picked Up”, “Back Again”…), but also grunge, especially on songs like “Unleash The Dog” and “Girl” that sound like a mix of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and ALICE IN CHAINS. The atmosphere gets close to BLACK SABBATH on “In Limbo”, harmonica and boogie drum beats add a good dose of dirty dusty rock’n’roll in “On The Road”, and “Will You Be There” definitely has a STONES touch.
If you weren’t familiar with these rock’n’rollers from Paris, then this album is a good occasion to change that. Moreover, if you want to get more into their music, their 2008 album “Crossing The Seas… Spreading The Sins” is being re-released by Alive and Kickin’ Records.





PowerPlay magazine 191 review (Matt Karpe, October 01, 2016)

'Keep Goin'...' is Medicine Ball Caravan's second studio album, finally getting its release 6 years after the trio split up. Playing a delicious slab of 70s blues-orientated hard rock, this is the kind of music that you would expect to hear in a blues club in San Francisco or New Orleans : easy on the ear yet powerfully effective.

Tracks like the wonderful 'Will You Be There' which comes across as a mix of Van Morrison's 'Brown-Eyed Girl' and Dylan's version of 'Knockin' on Heaven's door' oozes 70s era guitar grooves and the hoarse vocals work well while 'Through the Dead Man's Eyes' has a slightly darker tone to the lyrical content. A nice solo on 'Back Again' brings Lynyrd Skynyrd to mind and 'Girl' has a tasty bass line that suits the Zeppelin-esque rock n' roll.

A pleasurable listen and perfect for a nice drive in the sun. Medicine Ball Caravan have left us with a strong classic rock record.




Music Waves review (papy Cyril, September 2016)

Persévérance... voilà un terme qu'on doit coller à cette sortie. Celle de Matt, chanteur et bassiste sur ce deuxième album du groupe parisien. Un premier album, "Crossing The Seas... Spreading The Sins", était sorti en 2008 puis le groupe a splitté (fin 2009)... sauf que son leader ne voulait pas laisser en plan ce second album, enregistré en juin 2009 ! Il a pris son temps mais ce bien nommé "Keep Goin' Till Next Stop" a fini par être complété pour sortir sur le propre label de Matt, Alive and Kickin'.

Le groupe n'a pas changé son fusil d'épaule et propose un classic rock/hard rock visant clairement (et volontairement) les 70's, presque jusque dans sa durée avec ses 38 minutes. Des petites touches variées (mais restant dans le contexte) viennent enrichir la musique du combo que ce soit du boogie ('Through The Dead Man's Eyes', 'On The Road'), du blues rock (la reprise de Betty Davis, 'If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up' ou la fin de 'Will You Be There'), du psyché ('Unleash The Dog'), de la pop rock ('Will You Be There') ou encore du sudiste (le solo de 'Back Again' ou le déjà cité 'On The Road').

Matt a fait appel à quelques amis pour les arrangements dont Danny Fury (The Lords Of The New Church, Tango Pirates) et du coup on a des percus par-ci ('Unleash The Dog','Back Again'), de l'orgue par-là ('If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up', 'Girl') ou encore de l'harmonica ('On The Road').

 Pas de grosse surprise, nous sommes face à un sympathique album de classic rock, assez varié, certaines influences sont criantes (comment ne pas faire le parallèle entre 'Will You Be There' et 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door') mais dans ce style tout est plus affaire de feeling que d'originalité. Medicine Ball Caravan va pouvoir reposer en paix, il faut juste souhaiter que cette sortie digitale aboutisse à une sortie sur support (Matt doit rêver de le sortir en vinyle, cet album).

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