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V/A  -  Smacked! a tribute to Ilari "Claude" Peltola

Description :

Almost 20 years ago, Ilari "Claude" Peltoia passed away. He was Smack / The Fishfaces / Fellow Reptiles singer and one of my personal hero.

Coming from Finland, Smack just like their friends from Hanoi Rocks made quite an impression on many international musicians and music lovers then. And still do to this day.
In order to pay tribute to him Alive and Kickin' is planning to release an album celebrating his work.

A Pre-Order campaign is running from Feb. 15th to May 15. Go here to be involved and get exclusive items as well. Follow us on fb to get the latest updates !


The compilation will feature :
Eduardo J. Martinez & The Thunderclouds (Argentina) ; The Flaming Sideburns (Finland) ; The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs (USA) ; Mink Daggers (USA) ; Anita Chellamah band (UK) Plastic Tears (Finland) ; Leftlovers (Spain) ; Dead Furies (Estonia) ; Hired Guns (France) ; Corazones Muertos (Brazil) ; The Frank & Dino Show (USA) : Danny Fury (UK) ; Chris (Italy) ; Guttercats (France) ; Trench Dogs (Sweden)

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1
Rock is Alive and Well vol.2
Keep Goin' Til The Next Stop

Release date : Spring 2017
Format : CD (digisleeve) & Digital
Genre : Classic Rock
Catalogue number : AaK7
Available on : CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Apple music, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, Googleplay, Tidal, 8 tracks, IHeart radio, 24/7 Tradebit, Groove, Mix radio, Medianet, EMusic, 7digital, and Greatindiemusic

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Tracklisting (in the making) :

The Frank & Dino Show : Wonderful Ride (Smack covers) - CD Bonus Track

Hyena Planet Bites On You
Rock is Alive and Well vol.1