Alive and Kickin'

Low Vibes - Psychic Travel

Description :

Alive and Kickin' is finally releasing the acclaimed EP by the French psychedelic groove rockers Low Vibes in digital format, 15 years after the making of this piece of Stoner rock history.

Originally released through Water Dragons records (the first French label dedicated to the Stoner Doom scene), Low Vibes was the second band of the genre in the country (the legendary band Carn was the first). But at the time the press didn't want to take the whole scene seriously ("just pot head stuff, you know") it was a decade before its became a trend. A typically "bad timing" case.

Nonetheless the E.P. gets rave reviews within the stoner rock web community.

Unreleased material will be released in 2017 on Alive and Kickin'

The original Water Dragon records CD pressing is also available at the store

Low Vibes "Psychic Travel"

1. Soul Salvation

2. Connection

3. Shine

4. Traveller Song

5. Change (live!!)

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Release date : July 12, 2016
Format : Digital & CD
Genre : 70s Psychedelic Groove Rockl
Catalogue number : AaK5
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