Alive and Kickin'

Hired Guns -  "The Smacked! session"

Description :

Featuring former members of bands such as Medicine Ball Caravan, Go Tiger, Go! and Low Vibes, Hired Guns was formed especially to be part of the tribute record in memory of Claude (Smack / The Fishfaces singer) produced by Alive and Kickin' : 'Smacked! a tribute to Ilari "Claude" Peltola'. While the 2 tracks that appear on the album are featuring guests (Cheri Martin from Smack, Andy & Mattias from Trech Dogs), on this release you get the 4 tracks that the band laid on tapes in studio this day. No guests here, just the band on its own and full power.


Note that for the 10inch E.P. in clear viny Hand numbered edition, each piece is made one by one on command.

Hired Guns "The Smacked! session"
Low Vibes "Time Capsule"
Keep Goin' Til The Next Stop

Release date : Sept. 22, 2017
Format : Digital, Ltd Ed. 10inch clear vinyl,  CD single (April. 2018)
Genre : Classic Rock
Catalogue number : AaK12
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Smacked! a tribute to Ilari Claude Peltola
Rock is Alive and Well vol.1

1. Johnny The Pusher

2. Street Hog Blues

3. Buy Tis Town (I Think I'm Gonna)

4. Hellhounds On My Tail