Alive and Kickin'

Gypsy Roller - Gypsy Roller

Description :

Gypsy Roller

1. Rock n Roll Stroller

2. Take It Back

3. Goodbye To Sorrows

4. Lost In Some Old melody

5. Gypsy Roller Theme

6. When She Comes Alive

7. Simple Life

8. I Can't Live For Yesterdays

Release date : Oct. 30, 2017
Format : Digital & CD digisleeve
Genre : Modern Glitter Rock
Catalogue number : AaK10
Available on : CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Apple music, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, Googleplay, Tidal, 8 tracks, IHeart radio, 24/7 Tradebit, Groove, Mix radio, Medianet, EMusic, 7digital, and Greatindiemusic

Time to bring back the glitter in the player ! 70s Glam rock full of hooks, danceable grooves, melancholic melodies with a modern twist. Bitter sweet treat for everyone. Full-blown glitter-esque, Rodney's English Disco wet dream which was all co-written with Gil's producer/engineer song-writing partner, Allen Davis.

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Uberrock review (Dom Daley, Oct. 2017

Grab your stack boots and smear some of that glitter grease on your pretty little boat race, lift that satin jacket and let’s hit the rewind button and swing those flairs like its 1975, because Gypsy Roller has mastered the glam slam thank you mam!


From the off, 'Rock N Roller Stroller' will have you in (T-R)exstacy with a foot-stomping glam slammin' shandybanging romp.  Gil Soliz and Allen Davis have got this down to a fine art. Davis co-wrote and produced and engineered the lot - and what a fine job he's done too.  If nothing else these cats are dripping in authenticity and their passion for the music shines through.


The opening three songs are bursting at the seams with Bolan boogie and have their chest puffed out like their drinking Cresta cream soda and eating Dime bars and Bjorn Borg bars: or if you prefer, have some Fizz Wiz popping candy handy or some Gold Nuggets to chew on like it was yesterday.


The grin will still be across your face whilst the boys kick back on 'Lost In Some Old Melody' you can close your eyes and picture pans people slow dancing whilst the dry ice billows across the room on a great slow tempo rocker.


Its drums to the fore as some vintage Alice Cooper sounding can thumping lifts the temperature along with the swirling organ on the instrumental 'Gypsy Roller Theme'.  'When She Comes Alive' is a brooding bit of nasty as the boys sound more authentic than Primal Scream at this rock ‘n’ roll lark: and there is a nice sweet solo to boot - the best three minutes so far.


Get the Glitter Band on speed dial: there's a tour ready to go on the west coast of the good ole US of A, as 'Simple Life' blasts out the speakers.  I don't want to sell these guys short in any way, because you can forget the likes of So What or Giuda or some of the others tearing up this scene in 2017 because Gypsy Roller have really got it going on and have nailed their flag to the mast. People need to sit up and take notice that there is a new head boy in town - and the Bowie-influenced 'I Can't Wait For Yesterday' is a fantastic way to end this long player.  The fact there are eight tracks on offer is perfect for this retro trip just like the 70s in all its pomp. The songs are superbly played, delivered and written: there is nothing to dislike at all, and if you know your history then Gypsy Roller should be high up on your list of next to buy before they've passed you by and left you in their rear view mirror.  Great album - make no mistake about it.



Veglam review (by Laurent C., September 2017)

Opening song “Rock’n’Roll Stroller” sets the mood right from the start: 70s glam rock à la Gary Glitter! Lead vocalist/Lyricist Gil Soliz teamed up with Allen Davis who co-wrote, produced and engineered this second album. Bowie‘s shadow also wanders around these songs, especially in “Goodbye To Sorrows.” The atmosphere sometimes gets close to the best of 90s Britpop (PULP, SUEDE…) on songs like “Lost In Some Old Melody”, or “I Can’t Live For Yesterdays.” The production is quite impressive when it comes to that 70s glam vibe we all love, just listen to the drums on “Gypsy Roller Theme”! Songs like “When She Comes Alive”, or “Simple Life” kinda modernize that good old glitter feel made of claps, reverb, hooks, and “yeahs!”, although you’ll still want to clap your hands and stomp your feet the old-school SLADE way! Just try and resist “Take It Back”! Well, Oscar Wilde once said “I can resist anything but temptation”…
Let’s hope this album will be as successful as GIUDA’s ones, and if you want to help with that, you can get the digisleeve CD version from French record label Alive and Kickin’.