Alive and Kickin'

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Gypsy Roller
Hired Guns EP
Smacked! a tribute to Ilari Claude peltola
E. Martinez & The Thunderclouds

About AaK

Alive and Kickin' is not your regular record label. What makes AaK different is that we want to be a collaborative record label. More like a partnership between the artists and the label.
Several "ready-made" option will be offered in a near future. So stay tuned !


You'd like to get your music exposed on major platforms but don't want to get through the hassle to get it done ? Have an European Mailorder spot ?

Get in touch ! AaK can be your digital distributor. View our offer here.

Work with AaK

Want to start a partnership ? Get in touch and let discuss what we can do together to get the world domination begins !

AaK is runned by Matt, a rock music lover since a very tender age, turned musician when teenager and at the end of the 90s gave bith to Watre Dragons records the first French record label deddicated to the Stoner & Doom scene (Honcho, Rite, Rollerball, Sparzanza, Grand Magus, Abdullah, Ufomammut...).
Been in bands such as Low Vibes, Caldera, Medicine Ball Caravan, Go Tiger, Go!, Hired Guns

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